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Dr. Cristiano Rizzotto

Official website of the Latvian Brazilian organist Dr. Cristiano Rizzotto


Welcome to the website of the concert organist Dr. Cristiano (Kris) Rizzotto! Images and content for press and concert organizers are available for download. You can also drop me a line or find me on Facebook or YouTube! Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Cristiano Rizzotto Vidal Pessôa, Dr. Kris Rizzotto, Dr. Kristiāns Rizzotto

Dr. Cristiano Rizzotto is an active international recitalist who frequently premières and performs the works of contemporary composers. Composers such as Carson Cooman, Composer in Residence at Harvard University, Aivars Kalējs (Latvia), Antoine Giovannini (France), Robert Farrell (USA), and Grimoaldo Macchia (Italy) have dedicated pieces to Kris. Dr. Rizzotto has performed in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and in 20 American states.

Dr. Rizzotto became a published composer after Toccata was released by Wayne Leupold Editions in 2014 and is now a self-published composer. Kris was named a member of The Diapason’s 20 Under 30 Class of 2017, which recognizes young leaders in the fields of organ, harpsichord, carrillon, and church music. Kris was previously the organist at Rio de Janeiro’s Benedictine Abbey, owner of one of the oldest organs in South America and where the Carioca monks have kept the tradition of the chants and liturgy alive since the 16th century.

Kris holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Organ Performance from the American Organ Institute at the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Music in Organ Performance and Sacred Music from East Carolina University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Kris’ doctoral dissertation was about the importance of music in the formation of the national identity of the Latvian people, focusing on organ compositions by Aivars Kalējs which represent the values and spirit of the Latvian heritage.

“The aim and final end of all music should be none other
than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

-Johann Sebastian Bach

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